Active programs

Pipeline Table.png

Allele Biotechnology has received multiple federal grants over the past decade to develop new nanoantibodies against dozens of clinically relevant targets. We have multiple drug candidates currently in the advanced stage of pre-clinical development. Our focus areas and targets include:

  • Immunology:

    • ALL-I-0143 is a bi-specific nanoantibody drug being developed as an autoimmune therapeutic. Additional targets currently in development include CD3, CD4, CD14, CD16, IL2, PD1L, PD1, GITR.

  • Oncology:

    • ALL-C-2137 is a multivalent nanoantibody targeting HER2 and is in the advanced stages of pre-clinical development. Other targets currently in development include VEGF, FGF2, CD19, CD20 and OX40.

  • Neuroscience:

    • Nanoantibodies againse amyloid beta, FG01, alpha synuclein, and additional undisclosed targets are being developed for Alzheimers, Parkinson’s and Eye Diseases.